Focus on the first step, not the whole staircase

Published on 25 January 2021 at 01:28

Some things may seem to be impossible, because you haven’t figured out yet how you will achieve your dream or goal.


I don’t know what it is that you want to achieve, but it must be something great. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a goal or a dream. 

Great things aren’t achieved in one day or by one step. Great things take time.


It’s oké that you haven’t figured out yet how the hell you will going to make the impossible, possible.

Focus on the first step and own it!


When it’s done, focus on the next step and own it even more!


Step by step you will achieve your goal, while you aren't obsessed by the end result anymore. Enjoy the road to your success by living in the moment.

In the end that’s what really matters.


 - WeConnect Visionaries


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